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Contact Lens Related Disorders

Millions of people wear contact lenses on an everyday basis. Most of these people wear them because they do not want to wear glasses, and they feel lenses are more comfortable and also discreet. However, there are many types of disorders or infections associated with wearing contact lenses, and you must be aware of these. One of the best remedies that address multiple contact lens related disorders is the canC NAC eyedrops.

The most commonly occurring infection which is related to the use of the contact lenses, is keratitis. Fungus, bacteria or all types of microbes can be the underlying causes of keratitis. If left untreated, keratitis can even lead to vision impairment, and scars can appear on the tissue of the cornea.

Some of the main symptoms of keratitis include:
- a redness in the eyes- a kind of redness that does not go away easily, and which is not caused by conjunctivitis
- blurry vision
- a strange discharge from the eyes and pain in the eye can also accompany this discharge
- an increased sensitivity to light

Eye infections can be potentially dangerous, so immediately as you notice these symptoms, the contact lenses must be taken out and you should go for a checkup. Your doctor might advise you to use the Can-C eyedrops which will help you get rid of the infection.

Irritations and infections that are related to the use of the contact lenses might also include:
- the fact that you use the type of extended wear lenses. Even these, must be taken out before going to bed. Extended wear means that you can wear them on a daily basis for a certain period of time (for 6 weeks- but only day wear!)
- pollution and other environmental factors that can influence negatively your eyes
- general poor hygiene

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